5 Simple Steps For Choosing Office Wall Art

calming and relaxing art in a modern urban office
Calming and relaxing art in a modern office - Mrs Badger Designs


Add personality and style to your office while creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere with the right wall art.

Discover 5 easy steps for choosing the perfect pieces for your space, including considering your personal style, the size and scale of the artwork, and the overall design of the room. Transform your office into a visually appealing and inspiring space with these tips.

The office today is not the same as 5 years ago as now there is remote working and not necessarily the requirement to be at the desk all week. Office decoration and interior design are part of the package that retains employees, increases productivity, and creates inspiration. Another important reason is how your office is perceived by visiting clients, vendors, and business partners. The atmosphere of an office from a visual perspective falls into the “first impressions” count mode. If it looks welcoming and interesting there is a good chance it is. Do not buy stereotypical prints, usually in cheap frames, from the chain store but look into small studios offering custom prints, they may cost less than you think but will add more value. You can also discuss matching soft furnishings with them. Think how people working and visiting your office will feel if the window dressings and art match. Small details such as this speak volumes. Let us discuss 5 easy steps to get your style on track, these will be:

What Is Office Wall Art?

Going back in time the portrait of the founder of the business was placed in the office to inspire people to achieve the same heights, but it never did, it was like you were being watched. All that has changed. Now, with modern printing, there is a large selection of items that can be printed on. Any design and all the colours. Now, let us venture down the 5 easy steps together, or, if you want extra guidance, ask Mrs Badger Designs for ideas. They can help you with mock-ups (send a photo of your office and the team can create a visual representation) of your office so you can see how it will look.

Step 1:Size And Space

That A4 framed print may look good on your desk but it will look like a postage stamp on a large wall. The space where you need to place some artwork and will a square, portrait, or landscape size fit best are your first questions. There never is a one size fits all though consultation with a small studio can often reap benefits in custom sizes. Mrs Badger Designs recommends that artwork should take 2/3's of the space, enough to fill it but leave some free space to let it breathe. First impressions count so make sure the reception areas and meeting rooms have artwork that fits the gap. Never overlook the bathrooms, hallways, and other areas guests my go while in your office space. Hallways benefit from landscape proportions at eye-level.

Step 2: Matching The Artwork To The Office

If your business has a certain colour scheme or logo you may want to communicate this in some of the artwork. You may consider artwork that is relevant to the business but that is not a deal breaker. One thing that you cannot go wrong with is abstract art, or some forms of pop art. Mrs Badger Designs has a collection of WPAP art with colours to suit all settings. It is the colours that count when selecting art for the office.

calming and relaxing wpap art in a modern urban office
WPAP designs add another dimension - Mrs Badger Designs

Step 3: Take Your Time

You may not be buying a priceless item from the Tate but there is no need to rush. Create a collection and take your time shifting through until you have five choices. Engage the workforce to gather their opinion on the final five and think about sizes. Remember that the ideas of other people are valuable as they may see things that you do not. Once there is a balanced opinion you can move forward.

Step 4: Don't Be Afraid

Wall hangings or printed tapestries, posters, wrapped canvas, even plant pot holders can add to the overall atmosphere. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to art, it is how you mix and match that obtains the end result. It is all down to planning and we all follow the old rule of “Fail to plan, plan to fail”.

Step 5:Small Studios Can Offer More

For sizes to suit or special requirements contact a small studio. The Internet has made everyone the “business down the road” and in some cases easier to get hold off to discuss your needs. Your ideas can be developed into wall art that will never be seen anywhere else.

So what next?

Not everyone is an art lover though who would not feel happier working in an office that maximises its potential. All the workforce will have greater productivity when surrounded with inspirational art pieces. Your guests, businesses partners, and customers will have a better impression of you and your brand!