5 Tips For Choosing The Most Relaxing Office Wall Art

wireframe wall art from mrs-badger-designs
Calming and relaxing art in a modern office - Mrs Badger Designs


Creating a relaxing and calming office environment is essential for reducing stress and increasing productivity.

Wall art can play a significant role in setting the tone of a room. Discover 5 tips for choosing the most calming and relaxing office wall art, including selecting soothing colors, incorporating natural elements, and choosing abstract or minimalist designs.

As it is a hub of activity the office needs to be as calm as possible to allow everyone to work more efficiently. One of the best ways to bring the required atmosphere is with wall art. Making sure you choose the right wall art may seem a daunting task. Mrs Badger Designs is here to guide you through the maze and make it stress free.

Why calming and relaxing office art?

Art involves creativity and imagination. It also has the ability to make people react to it in a way the creator wanted. Mrs Badger Designs produces art that produces a calming, relaxing, and soothing atmosphere. Her art is perfect for the office environment and helping productivity. Art is an overlooked productivity enhancer.

Why is art Important?

To Inspire thinking in the office

Choose standout pieces for meeting rooms to inspire you even if you are discussing stressful sales targets. Match the tone of your brand – for quirky, creative businesses, choose an artwork that communicates your values to potential clients. If your business is not on the edgy side of life, then a travel inspired piece is the perfect option to whisk you away on a rainy day. Give your staff a window into faraway places without using all their annual leave up.

Add life in sterile areas

Give your office space an extra special lift with crowd-pleasing art that will energise even your grumpiest co-worker come Monday morning. Bright colours, hues of yellow, orange and green will create a positive, friendly and creative work environment. Colour theory states that these colours evoke positive emotive states, with yellow creating a sense of joy and green as the most creative colour.

wireframe wall art from mrs-badger-designs
Calming and relaxing art in a harsh office setting - Mrs Badger Designs

Mrs Badgers Tips:

1.Size and Scale

When it comes to choosing art, the bigger, the better. Choosing art that's too small is a very common mistake, it gets lost. Take for instance the wall space over a sofa in your reception. The art above it should be approximately 2/3 the width of the sofa or larger or it looks like a postage stamp. If there is a long wall then you can use several smaller artworks to make one display. Just use the 2/3 rule for the complete area. Choosing the right piece of art for your office can be an intimidating task. Mrs Badger Designs offers prints on canvas, metal, framed and unframed.

2. Consider different forms and style of Art.

Depending on your office, you can add throw pillows, curtains, or throw blankets into the arty mix. A lot of the time these will complement the overall setting and give you more at very little cost.

3. Consider Artwork for every room type

You can place artwork in every area of the office.

4. Choosing the Colour Matters

Colour is the one thing people get confused with when trying to choose art. People usually try to find something that matches with the other colours in the office. Colour matching some of the colours is a perfectly acceptable method for choosing art, it's not the only method. Sometimes the colours you need can be the direct opposite of what you already have in your office. You might require something that is black or white with some other colour as an accent. Look for something that compliments the space.

5. Consider budget and cost options.

Cost is one of the major deterrents preventing people from buying art from an artist or graphic design studio. However, Mrs Badger Designs has prices to suit all pockets and with the quality of the prints you will still have the artwork in the future.